Moroccanoil is a unique, ultra-light, non-greasy formula of Argan oil that seals in shine, protecting silky perfection for all hair types. Massaging a few drops of Moroccanoil treatment into the hair just after shampooing and conditioning will guarantee an enhanced result. Hair looks shinier and healthier after just one application. With multiple applications, hair continues to improve-alleviating split ends and brittle breakage.

Instantly absorbed in to the hair, Moroccanoil eliminates frizz, speeds up styling time by 40% and provides long-term conditioning to all hair types. That is why salon-exclusive Moroccanoil is preferred by professionals and consumers alike because our products simply work.

5 Reasons We Love | Moroccanoil


It Was Created With Your Hair In Mind
The signature ingredient in all of the products is argan oil, which is nutrient-rich and only grows in Southwest Morocco. Historically, Moroccan women used argan oil for hair and skin protection from the sun. It is a powerful antioxidant that provides UV protection to hair and is full of vitamins that hair craves which results in improved strength and elasticity.

You’ll Get Instant Results
It’s a pet peeve of mine to buy a product that promises results but leaves me with hair in the same state or even worse after a few uses. That’s not the case with these products. They’re formulated to instantly absorb into hair, which decreases drying time while strengthening and repairing it with a frizz-free finish.

It’s Perfect for Relaxed or Natural Hair
Whether you hair’s relaxed, natural dyed or fried, it needs moisture to be healthy! I remember the struggle I had restocking my beauty product collection after transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. It was expensive! As much as women of color like to change up our looks, having products that can be used on multiple hair types is a smart investment.

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way
Enough said; the price is worth it, the product will last for months!

The Products Have Multiple Uses
The best products to keep stocked in your beauty drawer are those that you can use for more than one benefit. This line is full of unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E fatty acids and other ingredients that are ideal for creating soft, healthy skin too.

Folicle Salon and Spa is proud to offer Moroccanoil to our clients. As expert Moroccanoil specialists, we strive to deliver the best products and services in the Charlotte, NC area. Our decision to offer Moroccanoil to our valued customers is part of this commitment.